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Well hey, I got my septum pierced!

Anonymous Asked:
Your so pretty I'm so jealous ^~*❤

My answer:

That is such a kind thing to say, thank you! But don’t be jealous, never be jealous. I’m sure you’re beautiful, because we all are in our own unique ways

Embracing my natural curls!! I want to see how long I can go without running a straightener through my hair.

I seriously do what I want.

"Woooah, god has a picture of me." This show <3 Is my life.

Can I just say that Kim Kardashian is like, the most unattractive pregnant chick ever? Doesn’t help that she doesn’t know how to dress. Meanwhile you look at her sister Kourtney back when she was pregnant: total hottie!! Haha, that’s what Kim gets. She’s such a whiny bitch

All my followers are little sexies ;)) Thanks for following you sexy motherfuckers! <3

javascript-void-0 Asked:
Could you please tell me where to get the skeleton bra you posted??? I NEED IT, PLEASE :O xx

My answer:

Yea girl go on!!! You’ll find some. Type “skeleton bra” into the search bar and they’ll come up! :)

krieger13 Asked:
Nice blog ;) what kind of motorcycle do you want someday? (I found your blog from that pic haha)

My answer:

I’m not totally sure but I know I want a Harley. All black. I like the Harley Davidson Softail’s but I’ll def have to shop around when the time comes!!

Selfie Saturday, what what!

I cannot even begin to describe my love for Grunge

Yes this actually exists. It’s for sale…..I WANT IT. hahaha

Soooo want a motorcycle someday

fearandloathingincoventry Asked:
Loco atractivo ! Really like your blog, your beautiful also :D x

My answer:

Thank you so much! That is so kind of you to say. I am flattered

wolfxheart28 Asked:
You like the 67 z/28 Camaro as well? :D

My answer:

YES. It’s my dream car!!! My goal is to own one someday, they’re beautiful

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